Pistols & Petticoats

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Ermahgerd. Just get in mah bellah!


    Ermahgerd. Just get in mah bellah!

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    Watch this man say “NO” to TSA agents trying to screen him after he gets off his flight

    Several years ago Kahler Nygard posted on websites that could be described as anti-government. This earned him a low-level warning on a No Fly List, which requires passengers to undergo additional screening at the airport.
    Last weekend, after flying without incident from Minneapolis to Denver, Nygard was approached by a group of TSA agents who demanded he participate in more thorough screening. He captured their conversation on video.
    “If I traveled from point A to point B safely, why does there now need to be more screening before I am allowed to leave? That would lead me to believe that I’m being detained,” Nygard asks.
    “I am not going to argue with you. Are you going to comply, or are you not?” the TSA agent asks while repeatedly saying that he would call the police if Nygard leaves the airport.
    Confused over why he needed to be screened after already arriving at his destination, Nygard argued with the agents who he knew had no legal right to detain him.
    Nygard then left the airport without intervention from the local police department.

    Read more at http://rare.us/story/watch-this-man-say-no-to-tsa-agents-trying-to-screen-him-after-he-gets-off-his-flight/#6wQlXWl112kvu8yL.99

  6. At all times sincere friends of freedom have been rare,
    and its triumphs have been due to minorities…

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    Photography by Thandiwe Muriu | Model Anok Kuol | MUA Sinitta Akello

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     Nicole Reber

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    Spiders with water droplet hats are something I really needed to know about.

    the education system is crooked for not letting us know such crucial information 

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    I had such a blast attending Kawaii in Manila 2! I wore this new dress set I made. More pictures here!

    She is gorgeous

    Ahhhh thank you!

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